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Insurance Applications Beyond Homes and Cars

Auto Insurance: How You Can Avoid Claim Disputes

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Disputes with auto insurance companies when filing insurance claims are common. That’s why it’s important to know how to avoid the usual reasons for making a complaint when you and the insurer don’t agree. Talk to an insurance company like Plumer Insurance Agency for more information. Purchase GAP insurance. If you are involved in an auto accident and your insurer determines that your vehicle is a total loss, you may not agree with the valuation the insurance adjuster gives you. While you won’t get what you originally paid for the vehicle, the insurance company will determine how much your vehicle was worth right before the accident. That’s the amount you will get, even if it’s not enough to pay off the vehicle’s financing. Although you can challenge a low valuation, you still might not get the amount you feel your vehicle was worth. But if you buy GAP coverage at the time you purchase the vehicle – particularly if you finance it – you will be covered for the difference between the vehicle’s value at the time you purchased the extra coverage and how much it was worth prior to being damaged in an accident. Understand who is responsible for the quality of repairs. If your insurance company arranges for the repairs to be made by an auto repair shop that it approves, the insurer is responsible for the quality of the repairs. But if you arrange for the repairs yourself at an auto repair shop of your choice, it’s up to you to argue with the repair shop if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the work. Your insurance company merely is responsible for reimbursing you the cost. Make certain that you understand the terms of the policy as some insurers only allow you to take your vehicle to an approved auto shop for repairs. Others allow you to choose where you want your vehicle repaired, but the insurer only will pay what it would pay an approved repair shop. If the repairs cost you more, you are left paying the difference. Keep your insurance company informed of any modifications you make to the insured vehicle. Otherwise, if your vehicle is damaged in an accident, the insurer may reject your claim for non-disclosure. Even if your vehicle included no modifications at the time when you took out the policy, modifications affect a vehicle’s value. Therefore, to ensure coverage in the event of an accident, you need to keep your insurance company updated on any changes you make to the vehicle throughout your ownership. Even though modifications, such as tinted windows, a souped-up engine, or mobility equipment, that change the way your vehicle looks and performs can increase your auto insurance rate, you want to be covered if your vehicle is stolen or involved in an...

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Protect Your Home Against Wind To Avoid Having To Make An Insurance Claim

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When it comes to protecting your home from damage that requires you to file an insurance claim, it’s easy to focus on strategies that reduce the risk of fires, floods, and break-ins. While doing so is important, you shouldn’t forget to also take steps to lessen the chance of wind damage requiring you to make an insurance claim and pay the deductible — especially if you live in an area in which high winds are common. There are a number of different ways that you can make your home less likely to suffer damage during a wind storm, including the following methods. Keep Your Trees Trimmed Tall trees are ideal for keeping your home shaded and cool during the summer months, but it’s important to always keep the trees around your home trimmed to avoid potential damage during high winds. Branches should never extend above your roof, for example, as it’s too easy for a gust of wind to snap off the branch and send it falling through the roof — and leave you needing to pay your home insurance deductible. Likewise, you should have trees removed when they’re dead or partially dead, as they are more susceptible to breaking off when the wind is heavy. While you can do the trimming or tree removal work yourself, you might prefer to hire a tree trimming contractor if the task seems daunting. Deal With Loose Yard Items At any given time, you might have a number of loose items throughout your yard. The concern, however, is that high winds could cause these things to blow around — and could leave you with damage that requires you to file a home insurance claim and pay your deductible. Think of a patio set, for example. On the surface, it might seem heavy enough to stay put, but high winds can easily lift a chair or a stool and send them crashing into your sliding glass door, causing damage. Keep potential projectiles stored safely in your garage or shed when high winds are in the forecast. Make Sure Your Siding Is Healthy A heavy gust of wind can easily pull a strip of siding off of your home, and the concern is that because siding panels are linked, you could soon have major damage on your hands. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the siding and make sure there are no loose panels. While you can hire a contractor to fix this issue, a simple solution is to buy a box of gasketed screws that match the color of the siding and affix the loose areas...

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Tips For Saving Money On A New Auto Insurance Policy

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If you are in the market for a new auto insurance quote, you might be interested in getting the best deal possible. If so, then you will want to take a few moments to review the following tips. Compare Multiple Companies It is important to make sure that you are comparing the price for an auto insurance policy from multiple companies instead of assuming that they are all going to charge pretty much the same amount. Some companies are able to offer much better deals than others. Of course, you need to make sure that you are comparing the same types of coverage. Otherwise, you will not be getting a clear picture of what your options are. Therefore, before you start your comparisons, you will want to write down some of the key aspects that your insurance policy must have and then make sure that you are getting a price quote for those things. Some of those key aspects include full or partial coverage, limited or full tort, rental car coverage, towing packages, medical expense coverage, and uninsured drivers coverage. You might want to seek advice from a trusted insurance agent to see if there is anything else that you should consider having as a part of good insurance coverage. Ask For The Higher Deductible If it is unlikely that you are going to be at fault for a lot of automobile accidents, you might want to opt for the higher deductible. After all, the deductible will generally only apply to you if you are the cause for the accident. In some cases, if you get into an accident due to an act of nature, such as an animal running in front of you, you may also need to pay the deductible. However, you may save a lot of money on your insurance policy if you opt for the higher deductible. This is because the insurance company knows that you will have to pay a little more in the event of an insurance claim and will therefore give you a small price deduction on the cost of the yearly premium. If you insist on the smaller deductible, you may find that the cost of the premium will increase because the company knows that they will be responsible for more money in the event they have to pay out on a claim that you file. With just those two key tips in mind, you should have no trouble making sure that you are getting the best possible deal on your new auto insurance...

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Tips For New Homeowners To Reduce The Risk Of Injuries On The Property

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For new homeowners, it is important to understand the risk of injuries and potential liability on your property. It is your legal responsibility to ensure that your property is safe, and you can face the potential for legal issues if someone is hurt. Here are a few tips to help you protect yourself against that type of liability and reduce the chances of a payout on your liability umbrella policy. Examine Your Landscaping Regularly It is important that you examine your property regularly for any signs of damage or potential safety hazards. Check all of the trees on the property for any damaged, dead or broken limbs. Trim these right away, because any branches that fall can leave you at risk of a liability suit if someone is injured. Even if the branch falls onto your neighbor’s property, you might still be considered liable for any injuries caused as a result. You should also look for any standing water or holes on the property. Holes are a particular concern because they can cause people to trip and may lead to injuries. You’ll also want to check for any visible wasp nests or uneven areas in your yard and mark them so that they are visible until you can address them. Check Your Stairways and Railings When you have stairways in your house, they should be covered with either non-slip tread or coating. You might also find it helpful to put a strip of bright, bold-colored tape on the edge of each step so that the edges are easy to see. This is usually helpful for people who struggle with depth perception issues. Periodically check the condition of the tread and tape. While you’re at it, check the bolts that hold the railing in place. Examine the railing itself for any signs of flaking, chipping or cracking. Damage like this can cause cuts, splinters or other injuries. Sand and refinish any railings that show these signs. Be Attentive To Food Safety If you’re planning any kind of party or event where you’ll be feeding people, food safety is a serious concern. Make sure that everything prepared in your kitchen is done safely to avoid cross-contamination risk. Use different cutting surfaces for raw meats than you use for any other items. Make a point to wash your hands completely between handling different ingredients, too. That way, you don’t spread bacteria. The more attentive you are to the potential hazards on your property, the less risk you’ll have of a serious injury. Your casualty insurance provider can help you understand some of the other common property hazards that new homeowners should know. For casualty insurance, contact a company such as Donaghy Kempton...

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3 Things To Consider Before Your Purchase A Life Insurance Policy

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Most people know that they should always be carrying a life insurance policy. It is a vital part of caring for your estate and ensuring that your family is financially taken care of after you pass away. However, many people do not know how to calculate the amount of life insurance they need. Not getting enough in life insurance could be just as bad as not having it. Here are some things you need to consider before calculating your life insurance policy. 1. Take Care Of Your Families Financial Needs For Years To Come One of the main reasons to get a life insurance policy is to help care for your family financially following your death. The amount that your family will need varies on your individual circumstances. If you are the primary bread winner and you have children at home your spouse may need money to live off of until the children are all in school, or have left the home. It may not be until then that your spouse can re-enter the work force. Even if you are not the primary breadwinner, you need to factor in childcare expenses and the loss of income and help. For instance, if you were a stay at home your spouse may now need to pay for a nanny, a maid and other assistance around the house. In order to figure out how much you should get, calculate how much you expect to live off of each year and the multiply that by the number of years you’d expect your family would need help. This will give you an idea of how much to purchase. 2. Unforeseen Expenses and Funeral Expenses Another thing to consider is unforeseen expenses and funeral expenses. Most people do not have a savings account for their funeral, so the costs will come out of your life insurance policy. In addition, you may have had a good deal of medical treatment before your death, these bills will pass on to your family, which is why life insurance can be so helpful. 3. Pay Off Debts Lastly, you should factor in the amount of debt you have. In many cases your debt will not be forgiven when you pass away. Instead, the creditor will hold your family responsible for it. This is why you should include your house, car, credit cards, student loans and anything else that might be outstanding in your policy. By considering these three things you will know how much to purchase in life insurance. Contact an insurance broker, such as Amberg Insurance Center Inc, for more...

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3 Tips For Paying Less Each Month For Auto Insurance

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If you own a vehicle, you will want to be sure to keep auto insurance coverage on it. This will allow you to avoid any financial disasters that may occur due to an accident. The simple act of driving makes it more possible for you to get into an accident, so you should keep you and your vehicle protected. However, auto insurance can get pricey, and you will want to know some of the most efficient ways for you trim these costs.  Being aware of tips that will allow you reduce your car coverage is sure to be helpful to you. Tip #1: Carpool Did you know the less you drive on a daily basis, the less you will have to pay for insurance. This is simply because you have a much lower risk of getting in an accident if you’re not on the road. It may be impossible to quit your job or find a shorter route to work. However, why not ask your neighbors if any of these people work where you do? This may allow you all to carpool together, and this can end up saving you money on insurance and gasoline. Tip #2: Check your policy You may let years go by without taking a close look at your current insurance coverage. This is not ideal because during this time a lot of things can change. For instance, you may have a comprehensive plan on your older vehicles, and you simply don’t need this. You can reduce the cost of your coverage by switching to a lesser policy, such as a basic liability one. Tip #3: Maintain an excellent credit rating One of the indicators of how you’re paying your bills is your credit score. The less time you take and the quicker you get these paid, the higher your credit rating may be. You will want to avoid making any late payments or skipping a payment because this can cause a huge deep in your credit score. Insurance companies may give you a lower rate if you do have a higher credit rating because you pose less of a risk to the company. The key to having lower auto insurance bills is by knowing what you can do to help lower these. There is a variety of things you can do that will help save you money. Be sure to check with a local auto insurance agent (like those at Axiom Insurance Agency or a similar office) to assist you in finding other ways to reduce your...

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Three Tips To Consider When Purchasing Auto Insurance

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As a driver, having auto insurance is important to ensuring that you and the people you share the road with are protected. Without auto insurance, not only will you have to pay out of pocket for damages and injuries you may have caused, but you can also be subject to paying hefty fees for not having the minimum amount of insurance required by law. If you are purchasing new auto insurance, here are three tips to consider: Assess Your Financial Situation: The type of auto insurance you are going to benefit from most depends on what your financial situation is like and the age of your vehicle. Those who don’t make a whole lot of money and own an older vehicle should consider an insurance policy with a high deductible and lower monthly payments. They also should consider only liability coverage instead of adding additional coverage onto the policy. This is because an older car that is involved in a car accident will likely be better off being replaced instead of paying high amounts for repairs. However, those who own a newer car and make a decent amount of money will be better off with lower deductibles and higher monthly payments. This way, their newer car can definitely receive repairs.  Ask Your Lender: If you do not own your car outright, you are probably going to have to get the amount of insurance coverage that is required by your lender. A lender will probably want you to have both liability and collision coverage to ensure that their investment is protected. Be sure that you review the paperwork signed with your lender to ensure that you are receiving the right type of insurance for your vehicle. If you do not have the right type of insurance, your lender may require you pay a fee or they may even tow the car until you are able to provide proof of the right insurance amount. Get Gap Insurance: If you do not own your vehicle and are still making payments on it, it’s important to consider gap coverage. Gap coverage is going to protect you in the case that the vehicle is totaled. In this situation, your insurance will only pay the market value amount of the vehicle to you, which is often times significantly less than what you still owe on the car. Gap insurance is going to ensure that what you owe additionally on the car is covered so you are not paying for a car that you no longer own.  When you consider these three tips, you can receive the best coverage possible and ensure that you are well...

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Helpful Tips For Getting A Lower Premium On Home Insurance

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Are you getting ready to invest in home insurance coverage for the first time? Home insurance is a great investment because it can provide financial security for numerous potential problems, but it is important for you to go about getting coverage the right way to enjoy the best premium rate. In this article, discover a few tips you can consider to get a decent rate on the premium for home insurance coverage. 1. Protect Your House Against Disasters Before investing in home insurance, it is a good idea to add things that can prevent your house from getting damaged. If your house is not at a high risk for getting damaged, you are likely to get a better deal on the premium. For instance, you can get storm shutters installed and make sure your roof is constructed with quality materials that can withstand a high amount of wind, rain and other weather conditions. You can also make sure your house is not at risk for a fire by getting the wiring inspected by an electrician to determine if it is good enough for the power demands of your household. An insurance company will feel better about allowing you to pay a lower premium if they are confident that you won’t have to file a claim for a large amount of damage. 2. Get Security Devices Installed in Your House One of the security features that you should get installed in your house is a burglar alarm system. Stolen items during a burglary are typically covered by home insurance, so you might get a better premium if the insurance company knows that your house has something in place to deter burglars. You can also get deadbolt locks installed on your doors to make them harder to break into. Investing in a home security system that has surveillance cameras is the most idea type of security because it is more sophisticated than a simply alarm system. You must keep in mind that a home insurance company may not give you a discount on the premium if the security devices in your house are not of a good quality. 3. Decrease the Risk of Someone Getting Injured When someone gets injured on your property due to you not making necessary repairs, it can lead to your insurance company having to pay the victim. If you want a lower premium, it is wise to make sure your driveway, walkways and stairs are in good shape if you have them. Speak to an insurance agent to see what kind of premium you can get to cover your house. For more information on home insurance, contact a company like Kerr...

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Protecting Your Equine Business With Commercial Insurance

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Owning a commercial business that involves horses means that you will need to have special commercial equine insurance. Horses can potentially cause injuries to other parties, and there are also concerns about injuries to the horse and theft. The more you expose your horse to other people and horses, the higher the chance that something may happen. Who should get commercial equine insurance? Anyone who owns or runs a business involving horses should get this kind of insurance. This includes breeders, stable owners, trainers and trail guides. You must have your own insurance even if you’re working with horses that belong to other people who insure the horses themselves. Even if you try to protect yourself with signed releases and waivers, you may still be liable if you are found to be negligent for injuries and property damage, so it’s best to make sure you’re covered. What kinds of insurance are available for equine businesses? A wide range of insurance products are available that both protect you from liability as well as if something happens to your horses. It will also cover you if your horse kicks, bites or throws off a rider. Insurance is tailored to the type of horse business you are running. If you run a horse breeding business, you will need insurance to cover possible breeding injuries, for example. You may also need standard business insurance to cover general liability and workers’ compensation. What is the difference between personal equine insurance and commercial equine insurance? Most private horse owners choose to only have basic liability insurance. This protects them in case someone gets hurt by their horse while they are on their property or in a public boarding area. They may also choose mortality and theft insurance which is limited to the horse’s age and value. Commercial insurance covers much more including loss of use of the horse, injuries to professionals working with the horse and fire insurance for stable owners. Liability coverage amounts are usually much higher with commercial insurance than with personal insurance. Insurance is an important necessity anytime you’re working around horses, but especially if you are running a business. If your business takes place on your own property, you may be able to have a special farm owner’s package that covers both your home and your business. Since there is a wide range of insurance products and possibilities, talk to an insurance company like the Bennett Agency to create a policy tailor-made to protect you and your...

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Better Think Before You Drink: How A DUI Can Affect Your Life

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Driving under the influence not only puts you and other drivers in danger, it can affect your life in many other ways that you may not know about. Keep reading, and you may think before you take your next drink Auto Insurance When you apply for auto insurance, they will likely do a background check on you. When they do and see that you have a DUI, they may not offer you insurance. If they do offer it to you, you will likely have to purchase high risk auto insurance. One type of high risk policy is known as the SR-22. Depending on the state you live in, you may need to have this form before you can retain your driver’s license High risk insurance means you will pay a lot more for your insurance premiums. How much this is depends on the insurance company. If your current insurance carrier refuses to keep your insurance active, this is because they consider the risk too high. Fortunately, you can find other insurance companies that will accept you. Talk to many different insurance companies in your area so you can get the lowest premium that you can. After a certain amount of time, the insurance company may start to lower your premium if they see that you do not get into any more trouble. Employment Some companies have it in their handbook that if you get a DUI you cannot keep your job. If this is the case with you, you will likely be fired immediately. If this happens, you may have difficulty obtaining new employment, depending on the type of job you want. Any job that requires security clearance, caring for people, or a job that includes a lot of driving will likely be off limits to you. Some of these jobs include: Pilots Nurses Traveling salespeople Delivery drivers In some states, a person will lose their commercial driver’s license for a certain amount of time if they get a DUI. There are some employers that will hire people who have been in trouble to help them get a new start in life. Visit an employment agency in your area to help you find these employers. Talk to an attorney if you have a DUI, as they can give you much more information about how a DUI can affect your life. Contact law firms, such as Bob Shropshire & Sons, for more information....

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